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The best way to defend yourself from an attack is not to put yourself in a situation where you are likely to be attacked.

Cyber International is a Virginia based cyber security consulting company, focusing on building relations with US-friendly nations in the EMEA region. We work closely with our clients to assess their requirements and help them develop their cyber capabilities in a discreet and feasible way. Cyber International has a portfolio of strategic partners which provide specialized products and services to support our clients' needs.


If the subject is national security then some of the soldiers must put away the swords and write some codes.

National security is the top priority of governments, which requires collective departmental efforts to provide and maintain. Departments on the forefront of the struggle are Defense, Interior, Intelligence, and Justice, among many others which serve the nation. Malicious activity on cyberspace might be perceived from different viewpoints according the actors involved, methods used, and the impact of cyber attacks. Cybercrime, cyberterrorism, and cyberwar are the major categories used to define the threat posed on national security. Although government sector owns and operates much less than the private sector in cyberspace, they are the only authority to fight back the cyber adversaries and provide a proactive protection to the nation.

We came a long way from bank robbers carrying gold nuggets on horseback to their hideouts, to hackers breaching systems to make untraceable wire transfers around the world. The complexity of our adversaries increased drastically, having much more intelligent, better trained, and motivated bandits than before. It is inevitable to face higher volumes of hackers joining the ranks of cybercrime syndicates, cyber terrorist organizations, or recruited by state sponsored groups. Some of these adversaries might be purely motivated by financial gains, while other might be politically motivated, or even working under orders to achieve political goals.

Hospitals, clinics, medical treatment centers, laboratories, and pharmacies all have a very important role in providing the critical services they specialize in to maintain the public health. Like many other industries healthcare providers have interdependencies between organization in both public and private sector. Stakeholders need to share information and/or use equipment interconnected through open networks in order to provide the best service to the patients. Cyber adversaries are well aware of our spot spots and infiltrate our healthcare networks to access privileged patient information, sabotage life support systems, and extort or ransom their targets.

Early telecommunications designers were in fact a small community of highly educated engineers and scientists, who have invented some of the basic structures we are still using today. They were architects who have laid the cornerstone of the next evolution in human history, and worked on the blueprint of a new reality which we call cyberspace today. Being immersed in cyberspace and enjoying the high quality telecom services created so much of an added value, it eventually became an integral component of our lives. However, this investment and evolution in our way of life also led to a dependency, which would in its absence disrupt the daily routines, and escalate to chaos in communities.

Oil and gas supply has always been a huge part of international trade, and considered an important item on the national security for many countries. Some depend on the resources, some depend on the revenues, but almost every country needs to either import or export oil and gas. Pipelines go through land, sea, and even cross many border until they reach ports, or mainland distribution centers. Power plants which include hydro, nuclear, or fossil fuel work continuously to convert fuel to electricity, and feed the industry, business, and residential areas. Electric grids reach out to the most remote locations, and cover cities if not whole country. Every single point in this story is a link in the supply chain, and only one weak link is enough to disrupt the daily lives of millions of people.


WE team up with various partners in both private and non-profit sectors to provide events best suited for our clients, to grow their network around the world.

Cyber International takes pride in bringing VIP speakers with high level backgrounds from the United States to organize events wherever needed. The volume and content of events may change for different audiences; such as panels or conferences to raise cyber awareness, round-table meetings to establish second track diplomacy between international stakeholders, workshops to hone certain critical skills, joint exercises and competitions to boost teamwork.

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Regardless of the sector organizations operate they need to observe their surroundings to avoid threats, take advantage of opportunities, and keep up the competition as new players come into the game. Now more than ever, every organization has a cyber component they need to observe and maintain. We provide business intelligence for organizations which require assistance in understanding the latest cyber security trends and how they can best incorporate emerging technologies to their business models.

Understanding requirements and allocating resources accordingly is the key to building a sustainable cyber security perimeter. It is crucial to establish facts about organizations' cyber components to avoid misguiding estimations, which would lead to unfeasible investments. We work with our clients to provide a requirements analysis and prioritize their cyber security needs.

Cyberspace is becoming a harsh environment for those who cannot adapt, and change their cyber posture in a timely manner. Adversaries are looking for weak links in organizations to exploit; scan outdated, unpatched, misconfigured systems as attack surfaces, as well as low organizational cyber awareness. In return, organizations do their best to stop the adversaries by hardening their systems and educating their personnel. However, change itself is the challenge, and it generally does not happen as planned. We help our clients transition to their desired cyber readiness level and share our experience with prior cases to avoid unnecessary complications.

Organizations which are not primarily software development companies outsource their software development projects to outside parties, or have a relatively less experienced group of software developers work on the project in-house. In either scenario if the developers are not trained in cyber security operations, results would most likely be lacking the "secure by design" element. We offer our services to implement a strong cyber security foundation on software developments projects varying from providing basic research support to undertaking the software development project on our own depending on the requirements.


Know tactics, get your gear,
choose your weapons and you're good to go.

Software tools and suites are the weapons we have in the cyber struggle, and it is crucial to be properly armed to defeat the adversaries. Thus, Cyber International scouts the growing cyber security industry for smart and effective software products, cultivate relations with their developers, and establish alliances across the world to connect our clients with the most relevant software companies for their procurement needs. Our alliance network grows everyday adding new products to available to our clients, including but not limited to Intrusion Detection, Intrusion Prevention, Cyber Threat Intelligence, Information Assurance, Signals Processing and Compliance Management tools.


During most self-defense situations the unprepared person usually allows their emotions to dictate the outcome. And only knowledge will stop you there.

We offer a wide variety of courses through our exclusive training partners either in classroom environment or through online learning portals. Although classrooms are mainly in Washington DC metro area, it is also possible to bring instructors to the clients' desired locations if necessary. Our instructors immerse the attendees with a hands-on approach, and teach how to overcome situations they are likely to face in the real life. We recommend beginning with Cyber Security Essentials, Network Monitoring, Network Defense, Computers Forensics , Introduction to Cyber Warfare, and Ethical Hacking courses for audiences who wish to have a broader sense of cyber security.

C-level officers, directors, generals, and managers do not have the time to spend time at classrooms away from their offices. They need short and to the point information which they can easily integrate into their decision-making processes. We provide short non-technical courses, specifically designed for executives who want to improve their cybersecurity management skills in desired areas.

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